Mustache Bash

My group of girlfriends are all having babies, so we've passed the bridal showers stage and are now onto baby showers!  Most recently, we threw my good friend and college roommate, Samantha, a baby shower for her little baby Jack!  Planning this shower was so much fun.  All of the hostesses have been friends for a long time, so it made it super easy and everyone had great ideas!  I was in charge of decor which I was super excited about. We started talking about themes early on, and I had seen some super cute mustache themed parties on Pinterest, and luckily Samantha LOVED the idea.  We wanted to incorporate blues for baby boy but also wanted to have plenty of fun little mustache things to get everyone involved. Here are some pictures from the shower:

Catering from H-E-B, super yummy!

Loved this invitation

I had to make a bunting, of course!

Nae got these super cute koozies made.
Knowing Scott and Samantha, Jack is sure to be a little party animal!!

If you know Sammy, this is the perfect cake topper for her!


Samantha had such a good time - I was so glad!  Samantha has been such a great friend to me (and to our group of friends!) for so many years and she totally deserved to have a nice shower before little Jack got here!  I made Sammy a scrapbook of all the photos I took which also included all of the guest cards that her friends and family signed at the shower.  I didn't take any pictures of the scrapbook (darn it!) but it turned out super cute and Sam and Scott loved it. :) Jack made his appearance on Thursday, August 15 and Tyler and I got to meet him when we went to Houston last weekend.  He's such a little cutie!  Congratulations Scott and Sam!

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