Real versus steal!

I've been a bad blogger!  There have been lots of things keeping me and Tyler busy the past month and, unfortunately, keeping up with my blog has fallen to the very bottom of the priority list.  I'll save another blog for all of those fun things and dedicate this entry to a very exciting online shopping delivery day!  I'm going to focus on one of the items in my multiple UPS shipments when I got home this afternoon - the black jumpsuit. You guys may remember the Theory Black Jumpsuit I was lusting over a few weeks ago.  Here it is for your reference:

Yeah, totally love this. But unfortunately, when I was ready to purchase, I couldn't find it anywhere!!!  I was really disappointed because I hadn't been able to find any other jumpsuits that had the right bagginess (is that a word?) and that were fitted properly (think how awkward rompers can be.)  I had almost moved on from the thought of owning a black jumpsuit until I saw this one:

Oh, my trusty standby, Zara.  Always pulling through when I need you!  I've recently discovered that a large handful of my friends aren't familiar with Zara, and it truly breaks my heart that they are missing out! And now that we aren't in Dallas proper anymore, I don't have a Zara close by but luckily they have free shipping, both ways. :)  Now, I do have to say that Zara doesn't really photograph their clothing very well for their website and I really wish they would get a new art director, because their clothes always look way better in real life than in their photographs.  However, I actually like this black jumpsuit better than the Theory one because it doesn't have that silly tie thing around the waist and the ankles are fitted. And it has just enough fabric so that it drapes nicely without any weird pulling or bunching. So pumped to get this little outfit in the mail today!

So, it must have been fate that the Theory jumpsuit was sold out, because it retailed at $335.  What does the Zara jumpsuit retail at, you ask?  Oh, just $79.90!  That must have been the retail Gods telling me I needed to put that extra $250 towards refinishing our wood floors instead of towards the overpriced Theory onesie.

What do you guys think?  Is the Zara jumpsuit a suitable replacement for the Theory version?

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