Weekend Wrap-up

So its been brought to my attention that I'm slacking on the blog already - okay guys, I think I have a pretty good excuse being that Tyler and I have been living in a hotel out of suitcases for 7 days total.  I've been a little sidetracked - give a girl a break!  This week was super crazy busy at work and with extracurriculars, so luckily our hotel stay is mostly for storing our clothes for the week, keeping Max out of the way of construction guys, and providing a (not so comfy) bed for Tyler and I to sleep in at night.  I'll do a hotel post at a later date.  This post is about the other fun stuff that we've been doing!

After a super exhausting week, Tyler and I just wanted to get out of the hotel Friday night.  We decided to go to Eno's in the Bishops Art District.  Okay, Eno's has been around for a while, but Tyler and I only discovered it this summer when we went to dinner with Jamie and some other friends.  Its probably my favorite pizza place in town - it even beats out Fireside Pies.  Plus, I'm totally into going over the new bridge to get down to Oak Cliff - take a look at how cool this thing is:

Its kind of like a modern Brooklyn Bridge.  Pretty neat.  Eno's was delish as always.  We devoured a LARGE Central Pie. Bleh - I'll go to spinning this week.

Saturday we wanted to get out of the hotel, again, so we decided to take a little day trip to Fort Worth.  Tyler took me to a cute little Mexican Fusion place for lunch which was SUPER yummy, and we checked out the Trinity River, some shops, things like that.  Made for a nice little day trip.  We totally forgot we had scheduled the Salvation Army to come pick up all of Tyler's crap that is just sitting in the storage unit over in the ghetto Saturday afternoon.  Grrr.  Oh well.  We came back to Dallas later in the day and went to see the new Ben Affleck movie, Argo, and had popcorn for dinner.  Holy cow, that was a good movie.  Tyler and I both really liked it!

This morning we got to turn our clocks back, which is AWESOME, except for the fact that Max is the most needy cat in the world.  I think the hotel is really confusing him, being that we only have a living room, and a bedroom.  We close the door to the bedroom at night, and I think he thinks we've locked him in a room by himself, instead of locking him out of the bedroom.  He started crying and meowing and beating on the door at 5:30 in the morning.  Needless to say, we didn't get to take advantage of that extra hour of sleep this morning.  We got up and got ready for our newlywed class at HPUMC instead. After newlywed class, we decided to go to East Hampton Sandwich Company - its a new sandwich place over in Snyder Plaza.  I went a few weeks ago with Jamie and Steph (Vanderlinden) and really liked it then, so I thought Tyler would probably like it.  Tyler ordered the fried chicken sandwich and I got the grilled chicken sandwich.  It was REALLY good, I liked it better than the turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich I got last time.  Look at that bun!:

Yum yum.  I'm now at the house doing all of our laundry, supposed to be working on my Suit School presentation, but decided to take a little break to update everyone on our very exciting weekend of trying to get out of our hotel.  I brought Max for company.  I'll leave you with his cute little face:

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