Birthdays and babies

It seems like since Tyler and I got married we have been nonstop on the weekends - and last weekend was no exception. Instead of staying home and staring at the hole in our ceiling, we decided to get up early Saturday morning and make the trek to Aledo to hang out with Collin, Meagan, and baby Grady for the LSU/A&M game. It was also Meagan's 28th birthday, so I surprised her with some funfetti cupcakes with sprinkles - darn it, I didn't get a picture of the cupcakes, but they were really yummy and made Meagan happy. :) I, of course, wasn't really into the football game, which A&M of course lost, but it was fun hanging out with Collin and Meagan and I got some quality Grady time in - he might be my favorite baby ever. There are some seriously not cool babies out there, and Grady is definitely not one of them. He doesn't slobber that much either which is a big plus!

Sunday was also quite a busy day. We were throwing a baby shower for our friends Josh and Stephanie Haney (you might remember Stephanie as one of the readers in our wedding) at Coal Vines in Uptown. Stephanie and Josh have been trying to have a baby FOR.EVER. and they are finally going to be blessed with a baby boy in a couple oft months. So happy for them! Steph loves pumpkins and fall, so we decided to do a pumpkin themed shower.  Here are a few pics from the shower. 

After the shower, a group of us walked over to Nick & Sam's Grill for an early dinner. Now, we had quite a bit of wine at the shower (see shower pictures) and Tyler's manager Tuan was paying for dinner - needless to say, I think I got overserved, as I was SUPER sleepy when we got home. And SUPER thirsty when I woke up at 3am Monday morning.

All in all, a pretty successful weekend! Now just ready to get that darn hole fixed.....

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  1. You definitely do have 1000 friends having babies! hmmmm just sayin it's fun to have them as the same time as your friends - then again - they will all be having their 2nd kids in 2 years so you can just jump on the wagon at that point :)

    hoping for good un-house disaster related weekends from here on out!