Second Floor Redo: Part 3

So, finally, construction started at 9am, Monday, October 29.  Tyler and I went over to the house daily to check out the work, and things are moving right along!  They started with repairing the ceiling, painting, and then ripping out the wood floors and baseboards.  Today they will be installing the new wood floors, and then they have to acclimate for 7-10 days.  Tyler and I are now back in the townhome, confined to the 2nd floor.  We don't have a stove, so cooking will be minimal.  And we'll be back in the hotel for Thanksgiving when they have to sand and stain the floors, which kind of sucks, but we're going to seek out a super fabulous hotel Thanksgiving meal somewhere and bring leftovers home for little Max. :)  Here's the progression of work so far:

Day 1: Monday, October 29
Walking in for the first time. 

Covered in plastic

Hole repaired and sheetrock replaced!

Max just getting comfortable at the hotel

Day 2: Tuesday, October 30
More plastic to protect everything for painting

Just like new!

Day 3: Wednesday, October 31 (Happy Halloween to us!  BLAH!)

Wood floor torn up

Max, just hanging out in Tyler's suitcase
Day 4: Thursday, November 1

Some black paper stuff put down

Friday there wasn't any work to do since we were waiting on the floor guys. Floor was supposed to be installed on Monday, but of course the wood wasn't delivered in time, so its being delivered today.  Can't wait to see our raw, unfinished wood when I get home from work today!

PS - sorry for the quality of these pictures.  They're taken with my iPhone, not edited or anything.  I'm just trying to document the work!  I promise not all of my pictures will be as crappy as these!

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