Fall Lust List, Part 2: Burgundy

So my new color must have (and everyone else's this fall) is burgundy. I think its a good color for brunettes, and, as my sweet husband pointed out for me, it can double as game-day gear.  I can look cute AND support our school without having to wear something that screams TEXAS A&M across the front of it.  I picked up a burgundy top from Zara a few weeks ago that I'm obsessed with (it has rhinestoned shoulders - I LOVE shoulder detail!) AND scored a sweet burgundy dress from Forever21 for only $18.  Can't wait to wear it to work once I get some new boots! (Hint, hint to my husband if he's reading - the Tory Burch ones I showed you would be a great Christmas present!)  Here are some other burgundy looks that I'm eyeing for this fall:

Burgundy, grey, black

Burgundy Monochromatic
Burgundy goes great with turquoise

Burgundy and camo

Do you guys like the burgundy look this fall?

1 comment:

  1. I never would have thought of burgundy with turquoise but I like it

    Maybe Ash needs some burgundy that doesnt scream A&M - as she is certain she is going to A&M to be a vet - even cried about it the other night as she is certain her friends will go to UT - um you are 6 Ash - take it down a notch

    Now I am wishing I had a burgundy coat instead of red! As I do also love red wine and that is what the color reminds me of today

    happy Fall weather darling!