Second Floor Redo: Part 2

So I'm amending my previous blog entry about loving State Farm.  I've encountered my first miserable person at my insurance company - her name will be withheld until all the work is done, but you can bet your booties that I'm going to talk crap about her and that I'm going to write a letter or call their CEO or something to complain about her.  Let's just call her Lady for now.

So since Marty completed his assessment, I am now handed over to Lady, who I guess deals with all the grunt work and paper work.  Last Friday I started to have a bunch of questions:
  • Did the estimate Marty give me cover $290 of the plumbers bill that he said would be covered?
  • How do we go about scheduling our hotel stay?  Do we seek out the hotels?  Does State Farm send us a list and we choose?
  • Can I just provide the builder's name for State Farm to contact to get the original plumber's information?  Do I need to do anything else for this?
So I called Lady around 10am on Friday and left a voicemail stating my name, claim number, and that I had multiple questions to be discussed.  Never received a returned call.  Called again on Monday around 10am, leaving the same voicemail.  Never received a returned call.  Called AGAIN on Monday at 5:30pm (I was getting irritable) and got her voicemail, but pressed zero so I could talk to a real live person, since Lady is obviously incapable of reviewing voicemails or calling customers back.  I talked to Perry.  Perry was kind of dopey, but he answered my questions, and the conversation was noted in my file.

So, 12:30 Tuesday, I got the estimate from the contractor.  HOLY COW, its THREE THOUSAND MORE DOLLARS than the insurance estimate, so that caused me to have more questions.  I called Lady again (considering she still hadn't returned my two  earlier voicemails) and FINALLY spoke with her on the phone.

She is not. pleasant. I told her the situation and...

Lady said, "You have to send me that estimate."  So I asked where to send it.
Lady said "888".  Wait, what?  What is 888?  An address?  The beginning of an email address?  
I asked, "Am I faxing this?"  
Lady said, "Um, yes?"  People still fax??  Fine, so she gave me the rest of the fax number.
I asked, "I have a digital copy, can't I just email it to you?"
Lady said, annoyed, "Yes.  Perry already gave you that email address."

Okay.  I emailed Lady the estimate from the contractor, and, SURPRISE!, no response.

Now today - I received an email from our contractor with a revised estimate.  Marty was shown their original estimate and noted that they had not included some of the repairs that he wanted them to fix in our place, so now the estimate is a whopping FIVE THOUSAND MORE DOLLARS than the State Farm estimate.  Sheesh.  So I emailed it to Lady....with..., you guessed it, no response.  However, Marty emailed me not too long ago and said that I didn't need to find a new contractor and that he approved of the estimate so he would forward it to Lady to finish processing.  I plan to put a call into Lady tomorrow to see when my check will be in the mail.  Hopefully my next post will be about all the construction going on! Get ready!

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  1. this really hurts my stomach - why oh why didn't I just let Ash go to the fair dirty

    I am so sorry for the pain and suffering this has caused you - makes you want a 1 story house next time - how can one little leak cause such a disaster

    again, I swear I only filled the bathtub to a normal level -it just makes me feel horrific

    hope it all gets better soon