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My goal over the next year is to finish furnishing our house (well, with two more major house projects that hopefully will happen in the next year - year and a half...more to come on those later)  I am a little ADD when it comes to things I like for our new home, so I've resorted to forcing myself to finish one room at a time.  It is just taking me forever because I tend to change my mind a lot. :)

I'm currently working on our family room - it looks SO MUCH different than it did when we bought the house.  Once it is all finished, I'll post before and after pictures, but right now I want to share something I'm sort of obsessing over - typography prints.  I think it all started when Jeff, the lead designer I worked with on Central Market, gave me this amazing screenprint he had done of a woodpecker for Christmas.  Here it is, currently hanging in our kitchen with a great view looking outside:

I mean, doesn't it just make you happy?  And I just love it that much more because it was made by a friend of mine.  So cool to have this hanging in my house. :)

Now, all of Jeff's screenprints are pretty amazing (check out his Etsy page here - bee things - I really want one of his butterflies.  If you're familiar with Crate and Barrel's limited edition teapots, he designed one of those with one of his butterflies!) but I didn't want to have a house full of cute birds and butterflies and puffins.  I found this shop - dean works - and she does a ton of things from posters to invitations to stationary.  I plan on making a gallery wall surrounding our television - I need 2 11x14 prints and 5 smaller square prints - so when I saw her typography posters, I thought it might be a fun addition to this room since we spend a lot of time there.  This is the one I ordered - just white background, black text:

You guys may have seen this next one floating around Pinterest, but I loved it and needed to have it immediately.  I ordered it, but it won't be ready until mid-June. I think I may actually put it in the front room though - so much for doing one room at a time! Oops!


I also bought these two little guys at the art festival in Charleston while we were there (not technically typography, but whatever) - these will go in our kitchen...yeah, not doing so well at the one room at a time.

Here are some other prints I like - what do you guys think about typography prints?
Cute for a bathroom - via
Good for a wedding gift! via
Typography isn't just for prints!
Loving this pillow by Alexandra Ferguson - via

Typography also comes in the form of signs! via

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  1. I love these - I always want new art in our house but it is hard to mix with all of my grandmother's paintings - need to do a better job of it

    I love all of these!