Homeownership project #4, Part 5: Walls

We're getting close guys!  Sheet rock is done! And, yep, the random light is still hanging there.

I put a few paint samples on the wall. Tyler says this is the last thing I can paint grey.  Fine.

Since I'm so indecisive, and since Tyler tells me to just pick whatever I want, I had to enlist the help of Jamie, who is my trusty paint expert friend, and Darlene, who knows my taste well enough that she can pick what I would like best. Both of them said 1 or 3, which were my gut choices too. Can you guess which one I decided to go with? :)

One thing was bothering me though.... texture. I mean, what the heck is going on here??

Woah.  Now THAT'S texturized.

Um, yeah, so I made them redo it.  It put us back at least 3 days, but that texture was making me dizzy. They told me that this was the texture going up in all the new houses, but come on, our house was built in 1943 - nothing else in the house looks like that.  Here's the new, normal texture -

New, normal texture!

The steps that are left are finishing painting, doing the trim work, finishing up the plumbing and lighting, and installing the vanity.  Next bathroom post will be a brand spanking new bathroom.  I literally cannot wait!

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