Homeownership project #4, Part 4: Progress

Today was a long annoying day. I had to drive over to Grapevine to the Park Place Lexus to get my car serviced. I thought maybe I could get it serviced at the Park Place Mercedes over here, but apparently I have to go to Park Place Lexus dealership, so it was either Grapevine or Plano. Driving on 121 is miserable.  The construction is such a headache, exits aren't marked clearly, the lanes are skinny, its scary! And I think Grapevine is further from Fort Worth than it is from Dallas.  I made it to my appointment 10 minutes late, of course, but they didn't mind.  When I had made the appointment, they had told me it was going to be a quick service, so I could wait there while they did the work.  Well, my appointment was at noon, and I didn't get out of there until after 2pm.  Then, I got slapped with a $170 bill - my 5k mile and 10k mile service appointments were free!  Ugh.  And to top it off, they said I had a nail in my tire that they couldn't repair, so they were going to charge me $350 for a new tire! I said no thank you and drove to the Discount Tire on 114. Apparently everyone else in Grapevine had nails in their tires, probably from driving on 121, so I had to wait over an hour to get my tire fixed. By time I got home it was past 5pm, and I accomplished absolutely nothing today other than getting my car serviced, $170 later.  BUT, after all of that, I came home to find a lot of progress in the bathroom!  Look at what I came home to:

They got almost all of the wall tile up, and all of the floor tile down.  I'm so pleased!  The two guys doing the work must think I'm crazy because of how excited I was.  They really are awesome though - they are two young Hispanic guys....maybe 26 or 27 years old, but they are super nice, speak really good English, and are obviously really talented and really hard workers. Bless their hearts - the one guy, Robert, stays in the bathroom, while the other guy goes outside every few minutes to cut each piece of tile.  It has got to be such a monotonous task. Yes, that's the light still hanging there - the electrician will come in the next few days to take care of that. The tile guys will be back here bright and early tomorrow morning to finish up.  We are definitely making progress now! 

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