Homeownership project #4, Part 3: Demo

Demo started on Tuesday of this week....is it sad that I think it looks better already?

Things we learned from the demo:
1. The white tile was actually PAINTED and was originally baby blue!
2. There was a gas heater behind the tile walls.
3. There were two layers of wallpaper on the walls.
4. Under the floor tile was linoleum.
5. The walls were made of cement.

There used to be a toilet and sink here.

You can see the hole where the gas heater was.
We had the furdown over the bath removed - it makes the room looks SO much better.
That's a light just dangling for the time being.

The tile guys will be here tomorrow.  They'll finish tearing the cement walls down and will put backer board up.  Then the subway tile will go up.  I can't wait to see the bathroom tomorrow - its going to look so much different!

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