Homeownership project #3: Installing wood floors

One thing we really liked about this house was that there were wood floors throughout the main living areas.  We LOVED our wood floors in the townhome - it looks really nice and its easy to clean.  I'm not really a huge carpet fan, but I'm okay with it in bedrooms.  This house had carpet in the bedrooms that looked to be in decent shape, but once they sellers moved out, we saw that the carpet in the master bedroom had a distinct traffic pattern to it. While we could have just gotten it professionally cleaned, we decided we would rather just rip it all out and put down new floors.

Ripping up the carpet was Tyler's job. So while Jamie and I (re)painted the front room, Tyler went back into the master, shut the door, blared some music and got to ripping away.  We had, of course, done some Google searches on what to do. Collin let us borrow a crow bar, and then I stopped at Home Depot to get Tyler some leather gloves, twine, and a dust mask.  He cut small strips at a time and then ripped it up and rolled each section.  Here's the final result:

Might I add that we also saved ourselves about $400 in labor costs.  So, next we picked out our flooring.  We had heard that it was really easy to install, but eh, we're taking our DIY skills one at a time, so we decided to have the professionals do it for us.  Tyler said it literally took them two hours to do it all.  Here's the final result:

And here's the "Before" for your reference:

5 million times better.  And that's without furniture.  So glad we made the decision to get rid of the carpet!

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