Sorry for the lack in postings.  I've been so crazy lately.  We moved on the 26th, and then since then I've been trying to finish up some final things at the condo to get it ready for our tenant, who moved in on the 1st, all while working full time and commuting from Fort Worth to Dallas.  I leave at 6:45am and don't get home until 8pm-ish, and then all I want to do is lay my butt on the couch with Max.  Here's my morning and evening, every.single.day. :

Yes, I know Tyler commuted for 2 and a half years.  BUT, I'm convinced his commute was way easier than mine.  Here's a few reasons why:
  1. He was driving in the opposite direction (to Fort Worth) of where the traffic is.
  2. He didn't have to get on Woodall Rodgers - sitting in that canyon trying to get to 75 every morning is what Hell must be like. It takes me about 40 minutes to get from Fort Worth to Dallas, and then about 40 minutes to get from downtown Dallas to The Richards Group. And its about 1/8 of the distance, if not less.  Just ridiculous.
  3. He didn't have to go as far.  I have to go from west Fort Worth to north Dallas, whereas he had to go from downtown Dallas to downtown Fort Worth.
  4. He always got home in the evenings before I did.
Okay - now I'm getting off my soapbox.  At least I have had one and a half weeks (two more days!) to hang out with my work buds that I love and finish up some projects that I've enjoyed working on. But I'm not going to lie....I sure am looking forward to sleeping in next Monday morning!  I promise to update the blog more regularly after I'm unemployed. :)

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