Puppy time!

So from the last time I posted about the Australian Shepherds, Tyler and I decided to move forward with a breeder!  We really loved the last breeders we met with, and we were able to meet the mom and dad dogs, both of which were just super great dogs.  So we put down our deposit, and on the 19th, the dogs were born!  Jolie (mom dog) had 7 puppies - 4 blue merles and 3 tris.  We asked for a male blue merle, and this litter only had one.  We'll probably meet the puppies in a few weeks and make our decision then - the owner of the dad dog gets first pick as payment for letting the breeders use him, so we'll get the next pick from the leftover pups.  Here are the pics of the litter (Fizziwig technically would be our first pick if the dad's owner doesn't pick him):

So cute!  Can't wait to bring our puppy home at the end of February! :)

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