Farm to Market

Last weekend Tyler and I were out and about quite a bit.  In addition to our impulse purchase of Happy Cow, we took a little trip down to the Dallas Farmer's Market.  I had actually only been down there briefly before, and it was pretty neat.  We went to eat at Pecan Lodge barbecue, which is inside this warehouse of sorts where several different food vendors are permanentely housed.  We walked in, and Pecan Lodge was stationed right at the front, and the line was wrapped around the corner of the counter, all the way down the hall.  Tyler was not thrilled with waiting, but I told him if the line is that long it must be worth the wait!  We waited about 30 minutes for our turn.  I ordered pork ribs and macaroni and cheese, and Tyler ordered a meat plate with ribs and sausage with pinto beans and then ordered banana pudding as dessert.  Yummmm......

My ribs were REAL good.  The rub on them was super peppery, I was a fan.  While we were there, we also found out that Pecan Lodge had been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!  When we got home, we definitely You Tubed the episode and the guy working the counter while we were there was the one that Guy interviewed.  Cool, huh?

After we ate, we decided to walk around since the weather, while super windy, was actually pretty nice.  There were so many vendors selling super colorful produce - it was really pretty!  Here are a few pics:

Of course they sell cactus leaves in Texas

Just a little skyline view from the market
All in all, a pretty fun weekend with my hubby.  Its amazing the fun things we can find to do when we are desperate to get out of our in-limbo townhome. :)  Speaking of, we just moved back into the hotel for the second (and last!) time, so we will be here until this Friday or Saturday.  Then things should be (relatively) back to normal for us!  We are totally looking forward to being back in our home!

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  1. Chris and I have watched that episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives twice - it looks like a great place! Beautiful pics of veggies!