Homeownership project #5: Refinishing the hardwoods - Complete!

Hi guys!  Sorry for the delay on this post - things got a little busy with Thanksgiving.  The floors are complete!  They look so much better, and it wasn't even that big of an inconvenience to go through the process of getting them redone.  It probably helped that I've been putting off buying furniture so we didn't have much to move!  The color is a nice, medium brown - not too dark, not orange at all - and it looks so nice in the bedrooms.  Here are a few pictures:


They look a little orange in the pictures, and I even tried adjusting the white balance on my camera but they still kept photographing slightly warm, but I promise they're just neutral brown!  Next on the list:
  1. Repaint baseboards
  2. Paint bedrooms
  3. Fill with furniture
I've already ordered some chairs for the front room.  They were custom order so they should be arriving towards the end of January.  Also on the list is to get a new bed (king size!) for our master bedroom, and then move our current bed into the empty guest bedroom.  After that I'll just have a few more key pieces that I really want, and then will be time to finish the decorating portion.  So glad to have the wood floors done - now things will really start to come together!

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  1. They look beautiful! I think it makes a world of difference in the bedrooms! Yeah for a king bed!!! Hope to see it all in the Spring - post Alexan birth!