Puppy Life

The life of a puppy is pretty breezey if you ask me.  Stella gets up around 7:30am each day (every once and a while she still needs to get up around 4am to go outside, that's Tyler's job), and then we have breakfast and playtime until around 9:30.  Right around that time she gets sleepy, so she naps from around 9:30 to 11:30.  That's when I take advantage of my free time and shower, get caught up on emails, play with Max, clean the house...important stuff like that.  Then Stella gets up and is STARVING, so we have lunch, and then have some more playtime.  I've found that I've started to DREAD rainy days.  It makes playtime much more confined to the house, and when she goes outside, she tends to get her pretty white feet very, very muddy.  Not to mention she thinks it fun to roll around in the one little mud spot in the yard, or play hide and seek behind the bushes, especially when its raining. She also really dislikes baths.  We might have the only dog in America that doesn't like water.  That'll have to change! Playtime ends around 3:30 and then she's ready for another 2 hour nap.  I continue with my house chores, run errands, etc. at this point, and then she's ready for dinner at 5:30 which then turns into playtime with Tyler because at that point I'm exhausted because I've been running after her all day.  She can literally run back and forth sprints about 20 times with no sign of tiring. I think I'm more exhausted after a day with Stella than a day working at the office.  But its fun!!

Sometimes we'll have fun things to do - we'll go visit Meagan and Dixie in Aledo, and Dixie and Stella will run around the yard like wild manjees, and then sometimes we have a vet appointment to get shots (not fun for Stella) but its good to get her out.  She always gets lots of "Ooooohs" and "Aaaaaahs" by the nurses and other pet owners when we're there.  We try to not let it get to her head. :) Her last appointment she weighed in at almost 19 lbs.  Her heart murmur is gone, her ear infection is cleared up, and she's overall a healthy little pup.

Sundays are fun, because Tyler and I will go to lunch at our new favorite spot (we're officially regulars) called The Lunch Box, right by our house.  They have the BEST chicken salad sandwich and chocolate pie.  O.M.G.  Then after lunch, we take Stella for a car ride around the neighborhood, since she's still too little to go to the park, or in the front yard. We roll the window down and let her put her head out in the wind, and then slow down whenever we pass other dogs or people so she can check them out. She'll get her final shots in April, and then FINALLY we can take her out into the world!  Tyler and I CANNOT WAIT.

Here are some pictures of Stella's life the past few weeks.

Sleepy bear
Sunday car ride

Who, me?

I love to chew!

Sometimes you just wanna lay in bed!


Hide and seek

I <3 sticks! The bigger the better!
Just waiting for Dr. McNeal at the vet

I love Daddy!

Stella's little life is pretty stellar if you ask me!


  1. You are too funny! Glad I got some Stella time! She is a beautiful sweetie!

  2. Ha! You are so ready for babies and you don't even know it! Such a great mommy already!