piece of cheesecake

tyler loves cheesecake. i do too, but if i eat it i only have a bite because it's so high in calories and fat. i found this recipe for no bake cheesecake, and decided to lighten it up as best as i could. and it only has a few ingredients!

1 package of reduced fat cinnamon graham crackers, finely crushed
6 tablespoons margarine
1/3 cup sugar

1 8 oz light cream cheese
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 8 oz tub light cool whip
1/4 cup lemon juice (use fresh if possible!)

mix the first 3 ingredients and pat down in a springform pan. bake at 325 for 7 minutes. let cool.

let cream cheese sit out for a few hours until room temperature.  cream cheese should spread easily with a spatula.

combine the cream cheese, cool whip, and condensed milk with a hand mixer to combine.  add lemon juice last. mix for two minutes with the hand mixer.

pour combined cream cheese mixture on top of cooled graham cracker crust.

spread evenly. refrigerate at least 2 hours.

ok, so its not exactly the consistency of cheesecake, its quite a bit smoother.  and it has a hint of lemon taste, but its still pretty darn good and you can eat a slice without feeling totally guilty!

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